Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mommy and Muffin Day

Just like 'Daddy Doughnut' Day...Layna also had a 'Mommy and Muffin's' Day at her preschool. They served us muffins and fruit along with giving us placemats and candle holders that they made for us. The best part was seeing them sing songs and tell stories! I love you Layna--You are getting so big!!

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Great Grandma Fry

On Good Friday--after 4 months of declining health--My Grandma Fry went to Heaven. Although it was hard to lose her, I am so thankful for the time she was able to spend with my girls during the last years of her life. We will cherish those memories forever. I was honored to speak at her Memorial Service and we had a great weekend celebrating her life and memory with our family over Mother's Day Weekend! We love you Grandma!

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Karl's 30th Birthday

For Karl's 30th Birthday I surprised him by asking his brother Eric to come in for the weekend. He so generously made the trip along with Karl's parents and Grandma. Karl had a great weekend of golfing, grilling, and guy time! And he deserves in a house with all girls! We love you K! Hope you had a great 30th Birthday!

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My best friend Rachel, her husband Billy, and her twins Micah and Malorie are BACK IN TOWN!! Can you tell I am excited!? Well I knew we would be seeing eachother a lot...but we have been averaging 3 playdates a week with dinner at eachother's house atleast twice a week!! In short--ITS WONDERFUL!!! We could not be more thrilled that they are living back in St. Louis..and the fact that they bought a house exactly 2.5 minutes from our house doesnt stop us from making quick trips over for icecream or a beer. Welcome home friends!!

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Claire's 1st Hair Cut

I have to tell the truth--I did NOT think my little Claire was going to sit still for her 1st hair cut...but low and behold...they had a MICKEY MOUSE DVD. I dont have enough time or room on this blog to tell you all how much this little girl loves Mickey Mouse! WOW!

AND..she got an OREO on the way home for being so good! Was it good Claire?! :)
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Pool Fun

Claire- Picture your mother laying down flat on the driveway to get this shot! Totally worth it---You look ADORABLE!

Mommy and Layna= LOVE!

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Mother's Day 2011

LOVE these green dresses and LOVE this pic!

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