Friday, September 24, 2010


I cant believe my baby is 9 Months old this week! Claire is such a joy to have around our house--and yes--she is now moving ALL AROUND OUR HOUSE! She began sitting at around 7 months old and three weeks later she was crawling. It has now been about 2 1/2 weeks since she started crawling and she is now standing up next to the couch and fireplace. Today as she was standing next to the couch--she turned her hip, let go with one hand and looked like she was just going to take off! I thought to myself 'NOOO...I'm SOO not ready for this yet!' It is so fun to see how different she is from Layna. She is far more feisty, active and curious that Layna ever was. Claire climbs, digs, grabs and moves FAST! Today for instance--I was in the kitchen and I would open the fridge...BOOM Claire was in the fridge..I would sneek in the cabnet...POW...there was Claire pulling herself up on the shelf! From what I hear her daddy started walking at 9 months--so we shall see! Claire stopped nursing all together about 2 weeks ago. Simply put- she was too busy to sit still that long. Although I was a little sad--it has been nice to give her a bottle as she prefers to sit up and drink like a big girl!

These pictures say it all!! We are IN LOVE!

In other news...Layna had a preschool screening today up at the Parkway Early Childhood Center..and she scored well above her age in all areas! She could count to 12..knew all her numbers and colors, identified all her letters and could take a three part command. She waited her turn, shared with the other kids and was polite and kind! What more could a mommy ask for!? I know..I know...Im SO 'that mom' for posting this on here but I had to brag my oldest up a bit!

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