Sunday, November 22, 2009

32 Weeks!!

I'm just getting read to end my 32 week so I figured Id better post pictures! This also helps remind me to continue taking pictures so that I can attempt to make this baby's scrapbook as detailed and thick as Laynas. I'm sure this will be a challenge! Lately when people ask when Im due- I say January 15th and then they respond with ' have a ways to go..' Im convinced people dont know quite how close January see this makes me feel better rather than dwelling on the fact that most people think I'm HUGE! Most times when I say- 'Well- I had Layna about 6 weeks from now..' they say.. 'Ohh ok..thats not that far off!' Anyhow...Be nice to the pregnant lady people!
Overall I feel pretty good- Just the normal complaints. We are looking forward to heading to Chicago for Thanksgiving for a wonderful family dinner and EARLY morning shopping on Friday. When I say EARLY..I mean we will be leaving the house between 3 and 3:30. We are crazy but we have a good time. Hopefully I can waddle my way through the crowds. :) Layna and Karl are wonderful as always. We have a good time trying to imagine what it will be like when the newest member of our family arrives but most days we just cant picture it until he or she actually makes an appearance! The Jury is till out on names..especially boys names so if you have any suggestions send them my way! We hope this approaching holiday season finds you and your family doing well :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween- PARTY!

Every year our Halloween neighborhood party gets bigger and bigger. We had a blast again this year because many of our friends and family joined us. We had G and G Z, Mary, Brad and Sarah, and our good friends Dave, Laura, Nick and Michael- along with Laura's parents! Layna loved Trick or Treating and really got the hang of it after a few houses. We are blessed to have such fun neighbors and had a great time again this year!

Halloween- Trunk or Treat

We had our 1st Trunk or Treat at our church this year! We had a good turn out and it was a ton of fun! Here are some pics..Including one of Great Grandparents Fry on Halloween morning! Layna was so excited to show off her Alligator costume to them. Trick or Treat!