Friday, October 30, 2009

Layna and her Daddy!

Layna and her daddy have such a cool relationship! I had to post these pictures of them reading together..and then Layna reading to her daddy. Sometimes when I walk in the door from work Layna says 'but where's my daddy?' Instead of being offended- I remind myself how thankful I am that Layna has such a great daddy. When Layna wants to roughhouse with Karl- she will say 'stay away from me Monster..' and that is his cue to chase her and act like a monster. They love running errands, playing outside, and even watch Bears football together. Ohh and the last pic is of Layna pretending to be a baby in her play babybed..Oh boy!! Thanks K for being the best daddy any little girl could ever ask for!

Pumpkin Patch!

We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch this year! We were able to take Mary along with us which was tons of fun :) Mary is such a special part of our family that we were glad she was able have fun with Layna outside of the daily routine at our house. We are praying for good weather this weekend for the Halloween fun..More pics after Saturday!

Friday, October 23, 2009

28 Weeks!

So here is the 28 week belly!! I am still feeling pretty good beside the normal complaints! I do feel pretty big lately but Im trying to tell myself that I dont waddle *that* much yet..being that I have atleast 10 weeks left! (I had Layna at 38 Im counting down early!) Layna is getting very excited to be a BIG SISTER and seems to understand that its hard for Mommyto play on the floor with her big belly. Karl has been wonderful..doing a lot of the cooking and getting up to tuck Layna back in if/when she wakes up at night.
One of the kiddos at my school seemed to be very intrigued by my changing body..I often found her staring at me in the hallway. Well..she informed me yesterday that she had figured it out- I was the 'round, puffy version of Mrs. Nelson'. She is in 6th grade- so I took her word for it. She then proceeded to say 'Well...good luck with all that going on in your stomach' The preschoolers think my belly button IS the baby..which is humorous..and the 1st and 2nd graders keep asking me 'does that hurt?' So needless to say..the kids at school keep me laughing when I occasionally feel like crying! Overall I am very blessed to have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy.