Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Layna's 2nd Birthday!

On Layna's actual 2nd birthday we went to Grants Farm, Burger King (because they have milk free hamburgers and fries) and then opened a few presents at our house. It was the same day my brother Brad graduated from Valpo- and although we were sad to miss the graduation, we had a very relaxing day at home with just our family!

The big party happened the next weekend and we were so thrilled that my Grandpa and Grandma Freivogel and Aunt Jill from MI could make the trip to join us! We had the party outside as it was a beautiful day. I made L's cake again this year- A princess crown with glass slipper cookies along side of it. The princess party Layna requested was a hit! She had an adorable princess dress (bought by Grandma Z) princess shoes (which I ran out and got that morning), princess decorations and princess presents. Some of her favorite were her princess jewlery from Aunt Sheri and her princess carriage from Aunt Laura. I could type forever..but Ill stop now! Enjoy the pics!

Layna's 2nd Birthday (Continued)