Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here is the valance that I 'made' or 'rigged' whatever you call it. It is two panels from Pier 1 wrapped around each other. It needs to be straightened from the looks of this picture but overall Im happy with it!

New Bedroom!

Thanks to a generous Christmas gift Karl and I were able to purchase new bedroom furniture. Something we (I) have been wanting for a long time. This ofcourse inspired me to to want to redo the rest of the bedroom and bathroom as well. If one thing is new it all has to be right? That- added to the fact that our comforter was literally ripped to shreds!! I couldnt find any bedding in stores that I loved so I took a chance and orderd this online. It is called 'Paddock Collection' It is avacado green and brown paisley. I LOVE IT! We painted the walls 'Martini Olive' and I am very happy with those too. Our bedroom set looks great against dark walls. I put together the flower arrangement on our dresser and also *rigged* a valance out of two curtain panels. (Photos to be added later) The bathroom- well- was going to be an Ivory color until I decided in my sleep that it needed to be Chocolate Brown instead. Despite my best efforts to have the man at Home Depot "change" my can of paint to brown..I ended up buying a new can! OOPS! Karl was not thrilled..but what's $23 in the long run when you end up with the color you want! I guess I learned from the best...THANKS MOM!! Karl thanks you too! The floral arrangement in the bathroom used to have pink flowers in it..I removed the pink and added the red- all for $15! The shower curtain was also on clearance for $17. MINUS the bedding and furniture- I did everything for under $200. NOT BAD!! I watch HGTV Design on a I figured I'd share my numbers. Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shoe Obsession!

Layna's new thing now is having to put our shoes on! The funny thing is that she has actually gotten pretty good at walking in them. As you can see she has even been so brave as to attempt to push her stroller-in Karl's shoes-on the wrong feet! Silly girl!! Layna and I are having fun in our 'toddler fun' class on Wen mornings. Other than that..not much else is new. Ohh yes..we have new bedroom furniture but I wont be posting pics until the bedding come in, the room painted and the bathroom redecorated. :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 year Ann in St. Augustine!

Karl was THRILLED that we found a store with ALL of my favorite and rare candy! Yep..thats right- Over $10 for candy buttons, candy cigs, and alien saucers!!
Having a drink at the Tini Martini Bar.

The view from our suite at the B&B.

Me trying to relax even though Layna was staying with Billy and Rachel and wasnt feeling well!

Our room- Awesome :)
Happy 5 Year Ann. K- 143

Visit to FL

Billy teaching Karl how to put on a parachute in less than 2 minute! This was during the tour of the plane that Billy flies-a P3
Layna rockin' her pink converse and Cardinal Jersey!

Playing in the park in the 72 degree weather!

Rach and I out to lunch and shopping!

The saddest part of the trip..Layna in the urgent care clinic with her first ear infection. Poor Baby! She even had to fly home on an airplane the next day. Thank God for Benadryl!!