Monday, April 20, 2009

Warm up already!!

Well I offically switched over Layna's closet to her 'summer clothes' about 3 weeks ago. Since has been cold! After weeks of looking at these adorable dresses that should could not yet wear I decided that she WOULD wear a dress to church this Sunday! Sooo...I put leggings and a sweater on with it! I thought it looked cute!

More Easter


Family Pic at Church!
Friends Nick and Michael


Easter Egg Hunt

With Gma Z!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Baby!!!

I finally did it!! I cut my baby's hair!! AHHHH Karl and I had talked about doing it before her 2nd birthday and then I became motivated to do it before Easter. We went to this place called Cookie Cutters. It was amazing! They had slides, suckers, cars to sit in and flat screen TV's. We could have stayed there all day. I (of course) got the 'Baby's 1st hair cut' package which included a certificate, picture and bag with lock of hair in it! Perfect for the scrabook. I was a little nervous about how she would do but once they put her in the pink car, gave her two suckers and turned on the could she refuse?? She did great and I took tons of pics. And now she has this adorable little bob!! She looks soo grown up!!

Early B-day Present!

Grandma and Grandpa Z bought Layna a KITCHEN for her 2nd birthday! Karl had some time (ohh lets just say around 3.5 hrs) last Sat night and decided to put this bad boy together! He did a great job! I helped find the right pieces but thats about all. We gave it to Layna early..someone was anxious ;) We told her she had a present in her toyroom..And when we brought her in she said 'Ohh present..Layna's Kitchen!' It was soo cute! Every morning she wakes up and wants to play 'Kitchen'. Thanks to Gma Z's generosity..Layna has tons of wooden food, cookies, a birthday cake, dishes....the list goes on! I dont know who is having more fun- Mommy or Layna!! Enjoy!


We had a great time at the ZOO over my spring break with friends from church!