Thursday, November 25, 2010


On October 23rd we took Layna to the ER at St. John's because she was coughing, weezing, and generally having a hard time breathing. My parents were over that evening--which was a blessing because my mom knew that Layna needed to go to the hospital ASAP. What I thought would be a quick visit to the ER turned into a 2 night stay at the St. John's Children's Hospital. During our visit- it was confirmed that Layna had ASTHMA. Although this is a scary disease...I was very glad that we were able to see all of the specialists and receive the best care possible. Layna was also tested for seasonal/indoor allergies and it was concluded that she is allergic to OAK, CATS, and DOGS. Just to give you an idea of HOW allergic she is...her MILK # is a 9. Cats is 75 and Dogs are 69. We know she reacts severly to milk...and very severly to cats and dogs!! While in the hospital they had a HUGE holloween party with crafts, characters and candy. A nurse also brought Layna her own private doll house to her room. Any time Layna had to get blood drawn or any other test..she was given a Barbie or Polly Pocket. All in all the staff and care was wonderful! Layna now takes her Flovent inhaler twice a day, Zyrtec in the am, Singulair in the pm, and Albuteral nebulizer treatments as needed. This regimine seems to be working well so far. Although we found the Nelson Pharmacy expand after this hospitilization--it seems as though our little girl is doing just fine! Which is by far the most important thing! We love you Layna!

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Princesses are the main theme around our house these days. We read princess stories, put them in carriages, sing about them and even dress up like them. So you will be happy to know that Layna found a crown just for Claire!
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A Few Favs!

The girls are really starting to interact together and it is SOO fun to watch! Claire just lights up when she see's Layna and Layna is such a good big sister. She is patient and loving . What more could we ask for? Lovin' my girls!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Balloon Race

Every year my good friend Laura talks about how much fun her and the boys had at the Forest Park Balloon Race...and so this year we decided to join her! We had an excellent time and based on these pictures...we are already planning Layna and Michael's 1st DATE!

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We had a wonderful Halloween and a special thanks goes out to our WONDERFUL Mary for making Layna's carrot costume. I found Claire's Peapod costume at a kids sale last year and so then I found an article about how to make a carrot costume! Needless to say I do not have a sewing maching--and so Mary offered to attempt it. I think it turned out great! We had an awesome time at our neighborhood party with G and G Zimmerman, Laura and her boys and Mary.

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