Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Claire's Baptism

Redheaded Grandkids + Laynabug
Grandpa Z welcomed Claire as a Child of God by baptizing her this Sunday April 25th. We were blessed to have Brad and Sarah as her Godparents. We had a great weekend with tons of family in town. Grandpa and Grandma Nelson, Great Grandma Vandyk, Grandpa and Grandma Z, Great Grandpa and Grandma Fry, Aunt Jill, Aunt Laura, Aunt Sheila and kids, Aunt Sheri and kids, Uncle Ryan and 'Our Mary' all joined us for the baptism. It was a very special weekend and one we will remember for a long time!

Family Pic

Baptism weekend continued...

Look at this sweet face!
We have ourselves a THUMB sucker!

Claire with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson

Sheri, Me and Sheila (I should have worn my glasses)

Mommy and Layna

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter Basket at Grandma Z's House
The Girls at Church

Family Pic

(Her nickname given by Grandpa Z..who said 'We have Darzie..Carzie..and Clairezie)


As Im sitting here trying to type a blog entry..I am realizing that Im so tired- that what Im typing isnt making sense. The past 24 hrs have gone as follows: 11pm: Layna up out of bed, 2:30am: Claire up to eat, 5:00am: Claire up for good. The rest of the day looked something like this- dressing kids, feeding kids, taking pictures, eating, attending church, leaving church with screaming toddler, coming back into church, leaving church to feed screaming infant, taking more pictures, hugging lots of family, seeing lots of friends, playing outside, hunting for eggs, more pictures, a few tantrums, lots of candy, good times with family, a few more pictures, kids unpacked, kids in bed...WHEW....It was an AWESOME day...I'm BEAT....I LOVE MY LIFE...ENJOY THE PICS! :)