Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good Excuse...(Read On)

17 Weeks

Hello Family and Friends!! Yes we are still alive and kickin' here at the Nelson household! I realize it has been A LONG time since I have updated this blog..and for that I apologize! Its been so long that I almost forgot my password into this goofy thing! BUT I've decided that I have a GOOD EXCUSE! Baby Nelson #2 is Due in JANUARY!! WOO HOO!! So here continues the update:

I found out I was pregnant back at the 1st of May! Karl and I were a bit shocked that we would be having a JANUARY baby..but excited none the less! We have heard the heartbeat several times which is very exciting. As far as we can tell everything seems to be going just fine. I am however super excited to get my 'big' ultrasound on Sept 9th to confirm that our little one is healthy! I tell ya- the worrying about your kids begins early I guess!

The good news is that I wasnt near as sick this time as I was with Layna. As some of you remember I was throwing up numerous times a day with her and with this one..I managed to ALWAYS keep my food down! Such a blessing being that I was trying to keep a 2 year old entertained. Dont get me wrong I still felt pretty barfy for about 8 weeks but it was much more tolerable!
Just like last time..we will wait and be surprised to find out if this is a boy or a girl! We just loved it so much the first time..we figured we would do it the same way again! So far the *string test* is predicting GIRL but many say my lack of puking may mean BOY!! We shall see!! We would LOVE another little girl..but a BOY would be fun in ways we cant even imagine :)

The only other news around our place is that our dear friends Rachel and Billy are expecting TWINS any day now! They are my *heros* in that they literally have ultrasounds every couple of weeks and STILL waited to be surprised about what they are having! The suspense is killing all of us but let me tell you- I CANNOT wait to get that phone call! I was able to visit Rachel last weekend by myself which was wonderful! Karl along with my mother-in-law helped care for Layna while Rachel and I did nothing other than EAT, Lay by the pool, and rent movies! It was awesome! Soon both of our lives will be nothing short of crazy!

Thats all for now! I promise to be better about updating this- especially when JB (January Baby) arrives! Love and Miss you ALL!